Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Patient Tower


Conventional | Sustainable

Landscape Performance Benefits


  • Prevents or slows approximately 90% of site’s annual stormwater runoff from entering the municipal storm sewer system, managing stormwater volumes up to 309,000 gallons of water in a single event.
  • Removes at least 80% of total suspended solids by treating at least 90% of average annual rainfall using green roofs, bio-infiltration, and permeable paving.
  • Eliminates the need for irrigation with potable water by utilizing drought-tolerant, native and adapted plant species and by conveying stormwater for passive irrigation.


  • Increased calmness in 57% of patients surveyed, reduced stress in 50% of patients surveyed, and made the hospital stay easier for 50% of patients surveyed who had utilized the oncology infusion bay overlooking the green roof garden. Patients also described the garden as “peaceful” (40%) and “relaxing” (27%).
  • Provides pleasant views for 100% of patients surveyed. All preferred the views of the gardens to views of the nearby street, rooftop, and parking lot.
  • Increased positivity about the daily work experience for 62% of hospital staff surveyed, who have access to the Spiral Garden and viewing access to the healing gardens within the hospital.

At a Glance

Conservation Design Forum

Project Type
Healthcare facility

Former Land Use


1775 Dempster Street
Park Ridge, Illinois 60068
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Climate Zone
Humid continental

1.5 acres plus 0.5-acre extensive green roof

$2 million

Completion Date