William G. Milliken State Park, Phase 2 Lowland Park


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Landscape Performance Benefits


  • Filters an anticipated 100% of surface runoff totaling 4.5 million gallons annually, from 12.5 acres of developable properties adjacent to the park.
  • Removes an anticipated 99% of sediment, 91% of phosphorus, 74% of nitrogen, 97% of lead, 91% copper and 87% of zinc from surface runoff from surrounding parcels.
  • Creates native habitat for 62 confirmed species of migratory and resident birds, which were not present on the previous brownfield. Species on-site include birds sensitive to loss of wetlands such as Virginia rails, red-winged blackbirds, swamp sparrows and marsh wrens, as well as species of reptiles and amphibians such as bullfrogs, green frogs and painted turtles.
  • Sequesters 3 tons of carbon per year in over 450 tree and shrubs on the once largely unvegetated site.


  • Provides a space for outdoor recreation, exercise and relaxation for a projected 1,000,000 visitors per year, also catering to 11,000 employees working within a ¼ mile of the site at the Renaissance Center.
  • Provides educational opportunities for more than 1,641 visitors through the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Explorer program in 2012. Growth in attendance has been over 300% since the program began in 2010.
  • Connects 3.5 miles of the Detroit Riverwalk to the eastern trailhead of the 1.4 mile long Dequindre Cut trail that extends from the river westward to the popular Eastern Market and Midtown residential districts, enhancing non-motorized circulation and providing linkages to other existing and proposed trail networks in the city.


  • Generates a projected $5.82 million annually in economic activity from visitors’ spending.
  • Expected to catalyze $152.3 million in multi-family residential development within the site’s watershed.

At a Glance


Project Type
Park/Open space
Stormwater management facility

Former Land Use

1900 Atwater Street
Detroit , Michigan 48207
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Climate Zone
Humid continental

6.1 acres

$4.4 million

Completion Date