Aimee Rogers

By trade, Aimee is a business professional specializing in talent and organization development.  With an MBA and a master’s in management, Aimee has extensive knowledge of business principles, team-building skills, and organizational leadership.  She has strong management experience and more than twenty years of experience evaluating organizations to set strategic and operational goals, establish shared visions, develop best practices, streamline processes, build efficiencies, and lead change.  Such knowledge and experience have enabled her to improve organizational capacities and capabilities for various establishments.  Most importantly, she is very committed to finding ways to develop organizational effectiveness and unreservedly has a very strong penchant for excellence.  She is also the owner of a business consulting startup and is an emergent author focused on writing a book about the practical ways organizations can improve their performance.    

Apart from her professional life, Aimee grew up in Northwest Michigan, surrounded by abundant lakes, rivers, beaches, swamps, forests, and wildlife.  It was amid nature that she discovered a love and respect for the environment.  Upon moving to the Baltimore-Washington area twelve years ago, she was disappointed to observe the expansiveness of ecological damage in the area.  With this disappointment, she has become an avid champion for environmental stewardship—harboring great passion for keeping and restoring green space in urban centers, finding ways to manage stormwater for the purposes of improving water quality, providing habitat for native wildlife, and improving the health of our soils.  Such passion has led her to become a Watershed Steward where she is actively involved in Environmental Literacy efforts throughout the local schools and communities.  Aimee is also nearing completion of two certificates—one in Ecosystem Restoration and one in Environmental Landscape Management.