Trey Sherard

Trey Sherard has just celebrated six years at Anacostia Riverkeeper where he has designed and installed rainwater harvesting systems for schools, churches, and multifamily dwellings, and where he now manages the installation of more complete treatment trains from cisterns to swales and bioretention gardens. He prides himself on having lived in the Anacostia River's watershed his entire time in DC and aside from hands-on stormwater work, you may bump into him at a community meeting or farmer's market as he performs his outreach role. Having grown up on the coast in southeastern North Carolina, he is a life long waterman and carries a USCG 100 ton Master's license for Inland Waters. You can join him on the water this year for a tour of the Anacostia during the Year of the Anacostia. 


Growing up, Trey's love of nature began with water and continued through walks in the woods to an interest in gardening and right on into his current work on an urban river. Water to water, full circle, but with a new appreciation for the intersection of people and nature. He was surprised to find himself so comfortable living in a city and realized it was all thanks to DC's green spaces. On a recent trip to Japan, his interest in the interface between urban and natural environments was deepened by the Japanese ethos giving great weight to nature's place in urban life. He is thrilled to become a part of Urban Ecosystem Restorations' work to improve the quality and value of natural spaces in the urban environment.