What We Do

UER serves landowners, developers, and major tenants who are planning for new construction projects, rehabilitation projects, landscape retrofits, or who may be trying to preserve natural areas of their sites.  We offer the following menu of services:



Create Eco-Functioning Spaces® (EFS) on private lands, with a focus on strategic locations that benefit the Potomac, Patuxent, and Anacostia River Watersheds.

  • Developing options for potential EFS projects
  • Maximizing on-site ecosystem function and economic value of open space
  • Optimizing interactions among building systems, site users, and EFS
  • Assisting in eco-rating system accreditation
  • Designing and installing EFS
  • Drafting legal instruments to enable installation and stewardship of EFS
  • Assisting in government relations 



Engage people – tenants, site users, and community members – with, and build connections to, the Eco-Functioning Spaces® (EFS) using educational and health-focused programming.

  • Educational programming
  • Educational signage
  • Maintenance manuals or brochures
  • Individual tours
  • Online resources and remote technical assistance
  • Marketing successful EFS as case studies
  • Partnering with STEM programs to build skills and an understanding of the science that makes EFS work
  • Programming for occupant health 



Protect the ecosystem functions created by these Eco-Functioning Spaces® (EFS) for extended periods of time (generally over 30 years).

  • Monitoring of EFS
  • Specialized maintenance services (for aesthetics and eco-service functionality)
  • Performance reporting
  • Certifying certain areas as legitimate EFS
  • Managing access to, and use of, the EFS (per UER-landowner agreements)
  • Landowner/tenant/user relations & Multi-owner relations management 



Aggregate Eco-Functioning Spaces® to restore large scale ecosystem function in metropolitan areas and connect EFS at local and regional levels.