Featured EFS & Spotlights

Sidwell Friends Middle School

Prevents over 317,900 gallons of wastewater from entering the District of Columbia’s overburdened sewer system each year, saving $1,687 in sewer charges.

Brent Elementary Schoolyard Greening: Phase 1

Decreases daytime summer surface temperatures by an average of 23°F and air temperature by 9°F by replacing 1,500 sf of asphalt play surface with a rain garden. 

The Willow School

Reduces potable water consumption by 375,000 gallons per year by using harvested rainwater to flush school toilets. This saves $2,230 annually.

William G. Milliken State Park, Phase 2 Lowland Park

Filters an anticipated 100% of surface runoff totaling 4.5 million gallons annually, from 12.5 acres of developable properties adjacent to the park.

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Patient Tower

Prevents or slows approximately 90% of site’s annual stormwater runoff from entering the municipal storm sewer system, managing stormwater volumes up to 309,000 gallons of water in a single event.