Restoration of Glen Echo Heights Community Corner

Restoration of Glen Echo Heights Community Corner

Status: Ongoing

This project started as an invasive plant management project — to raise awareness in the Glen Echo Heights neighborhood — and larger surrounding area — about the importance of removing invasive vines and other plants from our local landscapes; it was also to serve as an on-site training opportunity for students to learn about the range of invasive vines affecting our natural areas.  But it soon became clear that the only way to truly manage the invasives, and create a space that would add value to the neighborhood, would be to restore the corner with Eco-Functioning Space (populated with hardy native plant communities).

With the help of a group of local students and the support of the Glen Echo Citizens Association, we started removing the over six species of invasive vines in January 2018.

About Us

UER is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit urban land trust that was formed to work with landowners, associations, and communities to preserve or develop Eco-Functioning Spaces®

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