RiverSmart Homes 3-Tier Maintenance Program (2018)

RiverSmart Homes 3-Tier Maintenance Program (2018)

Status: Past Project

The District of Columbia’s Department of Energy and the Environment is supporting the launch of a pilot maintenance assistance program called the RiverSmart Homes 3-Tier Maintenance Program.  UER has been selected to play a key role on the team working with the D.C. DOEE and the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay to roll out this new maintenance support program for RiverSmart homeowners.

The RiverSmart 3-Tier Maintenance Program has been developed by a partnership that includes the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Urban Ecosystem Restorations and RiverSmart contractors.  This program has been designed to provide various kinds and levels of assistance to homeowners with different needs when it comes to maintaining RiverSmart bayscapes and rain gardens.

One maintenance option allows homeowners to submit questions and concerns by email to the program and receive free advice from UER staff and other landscape designers who will respond with suggestions and information about how to address the maintenance questions and concerns.  A second option allows homeowners to schedule a site visit with a RiverSmart contractor (for a small fee) who can come out to the property and show the homeowner exactly how to maintain the specific bayscape or rain garden.  Alternatively, a homeowner may use the program to hire a RiverSmart contractor to perform a basic maintenance package for a fee.

The RiverSmart 3-Tiered Maintenance Program is a service that is available to all homeowners with RiverSmart rain gardens or bayscapes on their property.  Find out more at the website link above.

The RiverSmart rain garden manual for homeowners produced by UER as part of the 2016 RiverSmart Rain Garden Performance Study is also available for free at this link.

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